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    What is Myxomatosis? Myxomatosis is a very serious and deadly viral disease that infects and kills thousands of rabbits in the UK. It infects both wild and pet rabbits, and is widespread among the wild rabbit population It is a highly contagious disease and your rabbit can catch it from wild rabbits via direct contact,…   Read More »

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    Gut Stasis in Rabbits

    Gut Stasis or ileus is a serious, but fairly common condition in rabbits where food stops moving through the gut. If a rabbit stops eating or reduces its intake of food for any reason then its gastrointestinal system will slow down, or even come to a complete standstill. This can be fatal, even within just…   Read More »

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    Fly Strike

    What is Fly Strike? Fly Strike is a serious condition affecting rabbits that occurs in the summer months. In hot, humid conditions flies are attracted to dirty or soiled hindquarters and will lay their eggs around the base of their tail. The eggs hatch within hours and turn into maggots, which feed on the rabbit’s…   Read More »

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    Encephalitozoon Cuniculi

    What is E. Cuniculi? E. Cuniculi is a microscopic protozoan parasite that causes disease in rabbits. It colonises in the rabbit’s brain, eyes and kidneys. Rabbits are infected by ingesting or inhaling spores which are excreted in the urine or faeces of infected animals – it can live in infected areas for several weeks. E….   Read More »

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    Coping with Pet Loss

    The death of a pet is always very upsetting and an event many of us have experienced. Unfortunately pets do not live as long as humans and although we are aware of this fact, saying goodbye to a pet can be one of the hardest situations to deal with. People cope with the stages of…   Read More »

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