Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean it’s a girl? The breeder told me it was a boy.
A.If you are in any doubt as to the sex of your rabbit, best to check with your vet to avoid any unwanted babies.

Q. She can’t be pregnant, she shares a hutch with her brother…
A. Rabbits do not care whether they are related to their hutch mate so, if unneutered they will mate.

Q. At what age can my rabbit get pregnant, and how long will she be pregnant for?
A. Medium to large size rabbits are sexually mature at around 4-5 months, while giant breeds are ready at 6-9 months. Pregnancies generally last between 31-33 days.

Q. When the babies arrive should we keep them and the mother separate from the father?Rabbits - Rabbit pictures - Rabbit information - Rabbit frequently asked questions
A. Yes, definitely keep them separate as the father can become aggressive, even if he doesn’t normally show any temper.

Q. Is there a course of vaccination and how long before we should start?
A. There is currently one injection that covers both Myxomatosis and VHD, and that can be given from as early as 5 weeks old and would need to be repeated annually.

Q. Do you think we should allow our rabbits to have a litter before we have them neuteured?
A. No, it does not cause the female rabbit any stress or long term heartache if she is neuteured before she has had a litter. If you don’t want babies the long term health benefits should override anything else.

Q. Why should I neuter my rabbit?
A. If you don’t plan to breed from your rabbit, you should consider neutering. Neutering will calm your rabbit and will avoid unwanted pregnancy, reduce the risk of uterine cancer and lower rates of aggression – if you have same sex rabbits living together they could fight if not neuteured.

Q. Do we need to worm our rabbits like you would for dogs and cats?
A. Yes, it is important to regularly worm your rabbit to avoid an infestation of intestinal worms, and the health problems they bring.

Q. Can rabbits swim?
A. Yes, most species of wild rabbit can, the Swamp Rabbit for example, from south eastern US uses water to move about and to escape predators, usually with just his nose exposed when hiding.

Q. How many teeth does my rabbit have?
A. Rabbits actually have 28 teeth, 6 incisors, 12 upper cheek teeth and 10 lower cheek teeth.

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