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Rabbits - Rabbit health and hygiene

So long as you are feeding your rabbit with the correct food, they have fresh water and you keep their hutches clean, give them plenty of exercise and cuddles you can’t go far wrong. However, health checks are important and, if not carried out regularly, can lead to far more serious conditions, even life-threatening ones. More detailed information on some of the items listed below can be found in our Ailments section.

  • Nutrition – it is important to feed your rabbit the correct food and in the right quantities.
  • Vaccination – very important to protect against Myxomatosis and VHD.
  • Parasites – check their fur and skin for signs of dandruff.
  • Diarrhoea – this is very serious for rabbits, contact your vet.
  • Constipation – if your rabbit has not passed faecal pellets for 8hrs or more, this is an emergency, contact your vet.
  • Teeth – their teeth grow continually and a lack of a good quality, high fibre diet prevents the teeth from wearing down appropriately, causing serious health problems.
  • Tearducts – these can become blocked, check for discharge.
  • Bottom – check your rabbits button to ensure that it is clean with no faeces stuck to the fur, otherwise this could lead to Flystrike.
  • Nails – if your rabbit isn’t exercising on hard ground, then you may need to have their nails clipped.
  • Ears – mites, infections and accumulation of wax should be treated immediately as not doing so can quickly become an emergency.
  • Zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans, can include salmonella and ringworm, although this is not as frequent as you would think. But always wash your hands before and after handling any pet to lessen the likelihood of catching anything.

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