Acupuncture – Balancing the body’s energies

Acupuncture has been used on people for thousands of years in China. It is now being successfully used on pets to treat a wide range of conditions. Substantial amounts of research have confirmed that acupuncture works, and now acupuncture is accepted as a conventional treatment for animals in the USA.
The Chinese say that illness is a state of imbalance or blockage in the normal energy flows of the body and that acupuncture, acting on the channels of energy flow, restores them to normal.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles (or the use of an acupuncture laser) into specific points of the body to produce a physiologic response, which results in a healing effect.
Acupuncture is useful in treating back pain and paralysis, chronic diarrhoea, injuries involving ligaments, tendons and muscles, sinusitis, respiratory infections and eye infections. We have also used acupuncture to help boost rabbits’ immune systems.
Using the needles or laser would usually involve weekly treatments lasting about four weeks in total. In some cases, under a light anaesthetic, we insert gold beads at the acupuncture points to produce a more permanent treatment.
When performed correctly acupuncture can be a very safe and effective alternative treatment.

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