Flower remedies

Flower remedies – Emotional healers

Flower remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach, a 1930s Harley Street Doctor. Disillusioned with some of the side effects of conventional medicine at that time, he went in search of a safer and more natural system of medicine. He was working on the theory that flowers have an enormous influence on the mind and can therefore affect our physical being too. He felt that physical illness and mental states were closely linked and that by stabilising and balancing mental or emotional problems, physical disease could be cured as a follow-on process.
Dr Bach developed a process of energising the healing potential of the energy within the flowers. He found that the action of sunlight on the petals of chosen plants that were floated on water would transfer the healing energy from the plant into the water. Dr Bach created 38 flower remedies each  of which has a specific effect on mental, emotional or behavioural problems. If a physical illness seems to be linked with mental or emotional problems, the therapy will often relieve the symptoms of the physical disease as well.

We use flower remedies in our rabbit patients to treat emotional problems, we also use them as an aid to help our patients recover after chronic illnesses and also after surgery. From a behavioural point of view we use flower remedies to treat such things as aggressive bunnies, nervous and timid bunnies.

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