Herbal medicine


Herbal medicine – Nature’s drugs

Herbal medicine is probably the oldest system of natural medicine used by people. Nothing could be more natural than harnessing the healing powers of the herbs around us to cure our diseases and those of our pets. Rabbits in the wild have a natural instinct to seek out and eat plants that will help them when they are ill and injured. Unfortunately, most pet rabbits do not have access to the plants they would naturally feed on in the wild.
Today herbal medicine is still used by over 80% of the world’s population. Many modern drugs are actually isolated extracts of herbs or, more commonly, synthetic derivatives of these substances. For example, aspirin is obtained from the bark of the willow tree and digitalis is obtained from the foxglove plant. Isolated extracts and synthetic compounds are more likely to cause side effects and have less overall healing power than the herbs themselves.
Although herbal medicines take longer to work, they are safer and gentler on the body than conventional drugs. They can be used very effectively to treat your rabbit.

In rabbits, we have successfully used herbal medicines to treat a full range of conditions that can be treated with conventional drugs. We sometimes find herbal medicines more effective than antibiotics as they help to boost the rabbit’s own immune system and they do not kill off the helpful bacteria that rabbits have in their intestines.

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