Homoeopathy – Helping the body heal itself

Homoeopathy is a well-recognised and highly regarded system of natural medicine that is used worldwide. Homoeopathy is safe and works in such a gentle way it produces no side effects. It views the patient as a whole and treats the individual rather than the disease. It works on the theory that homoeopathy can stimulate the body’s natural defences by administering minute doses of a substance, which in larger doses may case the symptoms of an illness.

Homoeopathic remedies come from many sources – animal,  vegetable and mineral. They are prepared in special ways, which involves making a solution from the original substance. This is then diluted many times with vigorous shaking at each stage to release the energy contained within the material used.

Homoeopathy is based on the principles of treating like with like. When we are ill, it is as if the body has fallen out of balance. The symptoms that the illness produces, such as an increased temperature or a bruise are indications that the body is using all its strength and vitality to fight the illness and get itself back to a normal healthy state.

When we take a homoeopathic medicine to help in treating an illness we are taking a substance that can produce symptoms similar to the illness i.e. it mimics the effects of the illness, and by doing so it adds to the fighting ability of the body to combat the illness.
Homoeopathy can be used to treat a surprising number of conditions that we see in our rabbit patients. It is a very safe means of treatment and is also inexpensive. We use homoeopathy frequently and like to combine it with our other forms of medicine.


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