Nutraceutical – Nutritional aids

Nutraceuticals are nutritional supplements used in the treatment of disease. This is one of the fastest growth areas in human medicine. The most commonly used nutraceuticals used for rabbits are colloidal silver, pre & probiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements. Nutraceuticals offer another natural tool in the kit to help take care of your rabbit in the most natural and safe way.
I am extremely excited about the increasing use of natural medicines to treat rabbits and the concept of integrative medicine. As vets, we have a responsibility to make sure that our patients receive the very best in healthcare, using every possible medium available. This is what we are aiming for and hopefully providing our rabbit patients with. I know that there is quite a bit of stigma attached to some of the natural therapies, please do not disregard these remedies. They may be able to offer you another avenue of hope if your chosen one fails. I hope this article has given you some insight into what is available for your rabbit and that it may initiate further research, or even inspire you to go and seek out some integrative treatments. Whatever you take away with you from this article, I hope it will be of benefit to you and your rabbit friends.


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