Dutch Rabbits

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Dutch Rabbits
This rabbit is a 19th century breed, and is probably the most recognizable – they have the saddle markings, i.e. the front of the rabbit’s head, the front section of their body and part of their hind feet are white, with the sides of the head, ears and rear half of their body colored.

  • Varieties: White and black, white and blue are the most common, tortoiseshell, chocolate, yellow, but there will only be two combinations of colour on each rabbit.
  • Weight: Females & Males : 5lb (2.2kg)
  • Physical Attributes: Small, bi-coloured.
  • Personality: friendly rabbits, a good first rabbit to have as a pet.
  • Coat Type and Grooming: A medium-length coat that sometimes requires a bit of extra grooming when molting.