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Mini Lop Rabbit
You can easily recognize the lop rabbit by its long floppy ears. The ears of the English Lop are fairly large at up to 50cm. The ears of lop eared rabbits have lost all movement, and even their skull has been altered by the weight of them, and this in turn has adversely affected their hearing. There are also smaller breeds of lop rabbit, the Dwarf Lop and the Mini Lop. The smaller variety are cute, gentle and make a very friendly pet rabbit, and come in a variety of colours.

  • Weight: Females & Males : 6.5lbs
  • Physical Attributes: Compact, muscular, many colours.
  • Personality: The mini lop is a very nice breed, sometimes a little less lively than other breeds, but do love attention.
  • Coat Type and Grooming: If you have an adult rabbit, the only time you should groom them is when they are molting – a mini lop can die from eating too much of its hair. If you have a baby lop they lose their baby fur gradually.